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The muses gathered around each other one day.

Discussing their assignments.

"He won't even try to connect to my advice anymore..."

"She rarely listens to any of my suggestions..."

"I'm exhausted from not being heard..."

But slowly the news started spreading

From ear to ear

smiles spread

By the time the final muse learned

"We've got one that's live!"

The others had already crowded around the lucky muse's side

"What's happened?"

"What's going on?"

"Look, squeeze in now, she's got one live!" another would say.

"One that's actually listening to her? No way!"

"Yes, she's taken her advice on it all!

She's now at the big, but had started very small..."

"Shhhh! Here she is!"

Over the crackle of the connection of a speaker

a buzzing started to, through there, sprinkle...

"...are you sure about that? I don't know..."

through the crinkle...

The muse raised a hand and pressed a button on the speaker.

"Yes my dear, you're gonna have to dig deep here."

A silent crackle and then

"Well, you haven't been wrong since, my friend

I'll trust you, so here we go..."

And with that, the girl let go...

Let go of influence

of the weight opinions carried

Let go of people

who never did any

and the weight of the work of the many.

She embarked on a path rarely any had seen.


where endless possibilities teemed.


"Not only has she changed her life around, " one muse leaned in.

"She's continuously grateful for the enlightenment."

"I heard," another chimed from the side,

"She gives us credit, never swelling with pride."

With that,

and delighted,

the muses all settled in

to watch The Favorite begin...

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