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Sensory Stories

These short stories, poems, essays, and general collection of thoughts are torn straight from my journals and exposed to the light of day on canvas.

I prep the canvas by retelling the stories through color, what seems to be my first language. What you see is the same story you read, but told and perceived through a different sensory experience.

You can see the original journal pages as well as read the stories neatly typed by using the button below or clicking on the image itself.



The muses gathered around each other one day.

Discussing their assignments.

"He won't even try to connect to my advice anymore..."

"She rarely listens to any of my suggestions..."

"I'm exhausted from not being heard..."

But slowly the news started spreading

From ear to ear

smiles spread

By the time the final muse learned

"We've got one that's live!"

The others had already crowded around the lucky muse's side

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