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Paa'or | Burn Collection

by Lauren Nicole


8x8 in.

Acrylic on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas


Exhibited at The Potocki Center for the Arts, December 2022.

The Paa'or series seeks to bring attention to the misuse and appropriation of our sacred medicine, white sage. As a California Native, seeing how smudging has become something trendy, along with the harm caused by mass appropriation and commodification of our sacred medicine, I wanted to do something to create awareness.


This collection will involve collaborations with fellow artists and activists working to protect white sage. for this first part of the collection, each painting will come with a wonderful zine created by Solange Aguilar filled with alternative plant relatives to use for smudging without appropriation.


~Artist Collaboration~

Solange Aguilar's, @shesanargonaut, popular zine "Alternatives to White Sage, Palo Santo, Cedar, Sweetgrass, and Copal: A Guide to Non-Appropriative Burnable Alternatives" will be included with every painting.


*A portion of proceeds goes to Indienous-led California Native Plant conservation efforts.

Paa'or - Burn | Original Paintings

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